Zip File क्या है ? किसी फाइल को Unzip कैसे करें ?

what is zip files . how to unzip learn on

what is zip files . how to unzip learn on

What is ZIP file? After all, why do we use zip files?

Do you know what’s the benefits of a zip file? We will read the answer in this article.

So first of all know what is a zip file? Zip file is derived from a .Zip extension.

Whenever we want to download a software movie or a video, then we download in .Zip format …. So many people go back on this option.

But I would like to say that downloading a zip file is very beneficial because it is low in size and is also easily downloadable. Zip file is considered as a compressed file, which we also call as archieve file.

There are many types of zip files like :: – .arj, .tar, .tar but the extraction and compression method of these are bit different.

How to unzip ?

winzip software download
Click on icon to download

winrar download
Click on icon to download

7 zip download
Click on icon to download

You can download the above 3 software, from which you can unzip your file.

 Or if there is no software, you can do it in the normal way like you will see the folder of zip, then right click on the zip folder will appear on the option screen: – After clicking Unzip or Extract, save the file. Destination will ask which you will save as per your wish. Your file will be unzipped.

How to create zip file ?

There are many ways to create a zip file, some people this with softwares and some people create a zip file by using Windows inbuilt applications.

First of all, you have to put your all your files in a folder which you want to put in zip file, then check that there is no file left, after that you will have to right click in which an option will come up: – Add to archieve and then press OK.

The conversion will start on your screen. According to the size, time will be equally taken and in a short time your file will be converted from normal folder to zip file. Congrats !


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