What is a Computer ? Specify all parts of Computer ?

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A computer is a common operating machine particularly used for trade education and research.

Do you know ? what is the full form of computer?

C – Common
O – operating
M – Machine
P – Particularly

U – Used
T – For Trade
E – Education
R – And Research

Do you know ? Who invented the computer? And who made the computer ?

Charles Babbage, an English mechanical designer, and polymath started the idea of a programmable PC. Considered the “father of the PC”, he conceptualized and concocted the principal mechanical PC in the mid-nineteenth century.

What is software?

The software is a set of instructions and documents that tells the computer how a task should be performed and how it should perform as per the commands. For example, if we look at what software is, then we all must have seen that our computer consists of Windows which we call the operating system, it is also a software application that we use. If it is known in simple language, then the work that happens inside the computer is called software!

What is the Hardware ?

Hardware is what we see in front of us such as a mouse keyboard, CPU, monitor, speaker. In simple language, we can touch the hardware with our hands.

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Friends, till now we have seen what is the difference between hardware and software.

So now we will study more deeply about computer hardware.

When it comes to computers, you must have heard the name of the CPU.
Friends, CPU’s Full Form Central Processing Unit is spoken in English.

The CPU is the most important part of a computer that we can call the brain of a computer.

Every computer has a monitor, which we also called a screen.
10 years before, monitors used to look alike some of the above-given photos.

But in today’s time, technology has upgraded a lot, in today’s time we can see that everyone has an LED screen despite of having huge and heavy CRT screens.

You must have either used or seen the mouse in today’s time. But what is a Mouse ?

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In real life, we all have experienced what exactly computer mouse is ? Though it looks the same size as the original mouse. but it’s different its basically used for operating, editing, and optimizing our system by hand.

What is the monitor ?

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A Monitor is an electronic visual PC show that incorporates a screen, hardware, and the case in which that hardware is encased. More seasoned PC screens utilized cathode beam tubes (CRT), which made them huge, overwhelming, and wasteful. … A screen is otherwise called a screen or a visual presentation unit (VDU).

What is the keyboard ?

Keyboard typing is used in which we write and make letters according to our own way, so the standard keyboard should use 101 buttons, but nowadays many types of keyboards have arrived!

What is the printer ?

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The printer is an output device through which we can easily convert softcopy to hardcopy. The history of computer printers began in 1938 when Seattle inventor Chester Carlson (1906–1968) invented a dry printing process called electrophotography – commonly called a Xerox – that would be the foundation of laser printers for decades to come. Was technology.

What’s Inside CPU ?

The upper part in the CPU is called the cabinet!

Many parts are used inside the CPU such as – RAM motherboard hard disk graphic drive CD drive processor!

What is RAM?

computer ram

RAM works to increase computer speed! The more memory there is, the higher the speed it gives.

What is the hard drive?

computer hard disk

Hard drives are also called Hard disk. In today’s time, even faster drives have come in place of hard drives like SSD M.2NVME SSD. By the way, the job of a hard drive is to save files to the computer.

What is the CPU cabinet?

computer cabinet

The upper shell of the CPU is called the cabinet inside which other parts are placed.

What is a CD drive?


We can listen to video and audio by inserting a DVD and CD in CD drive.

What is the MotherBoard ?

Cpu Motherboard

The motherboard is considered to be the main part of the CPU in which all the installation is done such as RAM’s fitting hard drive setting SMPS is installed!

What is Graphic Card (GPU) ?

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Graphic card work is mainly used for video editing, photo editing, and gaming.

What is SMPS?

smps computer power supply

SMPS is a wiring system and is also considered to be an electric controller which keeps the power level normal throughout the CPU. It is especially connected to the motherboard to flow current supply to other parts of the CPU.

What is the pen drive ?

usb storage device

A pen drive is a small storage output device with the help of which we can transfer files from one place to another!


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