IMEI number क्या है ? Device खोने पर क्या करना चाहिए ?

learn about Imei number on phone

learn about Imei number on phone
Imei number on phone

What is IMEI Number ? What to do if device lost ?

IMEI full form is International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI number is about 15 to 16 digits which are seen nearby the battery compartment of the phone or even you can get through this number by pressing *#06# on the dial pad on the screen or you can go in phone settings and under settings, you’ll see the option about. There you’ll get IMEI highlighted.

IMEI number is different in every phone and it is like an identity.
IMEI number is not given in the device which does not have a SIM card.

The GSM network uses the IMEI number to identify the device and helps the lost phone find the network. Whenever we put a SIM in the phone, IMEI automatically configures itself and gets paired with the SIM card.

Whether the phone is big or small IMEI number is there in everyone.

And not only in India, IMEI number is given in every phone all over the world, in many countries phones are received due to IMEI number and the chances of getting stolen phone also decreases.

As an example, if someone tries to change the IMEI number in the United Kingdom, then he can be jailed and also have to pay a heavy fine, but changing the IMEI number of the phone in the USA is not considered wrong!
IMEI number is used to trace or track someone and capture them!

Whenever someone’s phone is stolen, many times he calls the service provider to block the SIM and the operator stops the number and that device is registered in the Central Equipment Identity Register, which means the device gets blacklisted and No SIM can run in it, that means even if you steal a phone, there is no use. Its value becomes equal to garbage, that phone is no longer a phone, but only its parts can be used.

What to do if a phone is lost or stolen?

If your phone is ever stolen, first call the operator, that is, call the customer care of the company that has your SIM and say that the SIM should be closed because the phone has been stolen.
After that enter the FIR of your phone so that no one can use your phone for wrongdoings. And even if some illegal activity takes place with that phone, then you have a strong proof that this phone was stolen on this day and no one will say anything to you.

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