How to make your pen drive Bootable ? with free software.

how to make a bootable pendrive ?

How to make your pen drive Bootable ?

At first, the floppy drive were also bootable. The changing DVD and CD have been bootable ever since, but nowadays, Pendrive is used, so we’ll learn the process of making it bootable which we’ll see in this article.

After all, what is bootable?
So let me tell you that bootable is a process by which we can install any software during restarting our system. By the way, if seen in common life, no one boots and installs the software, but there are some software that can not be installed without booting like Windows as an example. Windows is a software that is installed while restarting because installing on-screen requests a lot of permission and hindrance, many applications are not accepted while installing windows.

So let’s see how to make a PENDRIVE BOOTABLE.

First of all, we have to download the software given below. The name of the software is Rufus.

Click on icon to download software !

To make your pendrive bootable, you must have an image file with an extension of .iso or .nrg


Step 1 :: Download Rufus software first.
Step 2 :: Install Rufus Software.
Step 3 :: Then put your pendrive in your system.
Step 4 :: Find and select your image file with extension .nrg or .iso
Step 5 :: Keep the partition MBR only.
Step 6 :: File System FAT 32 Keep Default.
Step 7 :: Press on the START button.


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