Computer Virus क्या है ? कैसे हटाएं ? कौनसा Antivirus बेस्ट है ?

computer Virus and best anltivirus to use learn about it

What is computer Virus ?

You must have seen the computer, and also you’ve ever faced a prompt warning message that this software/file is corrupted. In fact, more than half of the bad work is done by a virus. A computer virus And an antivirus is a program that is created by a programmer.

The virus is said to have been created by Robert Thomas, an engineer who worked in BBN Technologies in 1971. Virus entering the computer is very common nowadays. And it is also common that we do not know that there is a virus on our computer.

Do you know how many viruses are in your computer?

So let’s know how to find out how a computer virus is.

Whenever there is any meaningless work on your computer, then understand that there is a virus on your computer. Meaningless tasks such as the same notifications coming repeatedly from a single source, a software opening automatically without orders, files being automatically deleted, programs being automatically deleted, files being automatically duplicated, outcome pops up again and again on the screen, and if you click on an ad, a virus also comes to your computer through cache cookies sometimes.. There is also a virus named as Trojan Horse which has been proved very dangerous for a system to crash.

It is said that when this virus comes into the system, it can damage our files and delete our data and even corrupt our Windows files on a level.

How to remove Virus ?

Now it comes how to remove the virus ?

Basically, it is not so easy to remove viruses. For this work, we have to install an application software called Antivirus on our system.

What is antivirus?

An antivirus is a programmed software that allows protecting the computer software system. All the viruses are released from the system if we install antivirus.

Antivirus performs regular virus scan with the help of which it removes the virus. Antivirus also comes with many different features which are very useful for us such as regular disk checkups which keeps the disk in our computer virus-free and ultimately deletes the unnecessary files which make our system work faster.

Which antivirus is best?

If seen, All antivirus software are good but some antivirus has to be bought which is quite expensive too. But here we will see antivirus for free, which one is better to install. down below the list has been mentioned the best antiviruses you can use for your system in 2020. Links mentioned below will redirect to the antivirus download page…


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