कंप्यूटर या लैपटॉप ? दोनों में से क्या खरीदना चाहिए ?


The biggest Myth nowadays,” people think to buy a costly laptop will resolve all their problems. They can do anything they want to do in Laptop.
But In reality, it doesn’t because Laptop cannot handle high-performance activities like video editing, software development, doing graphics related work.
The reason behind it is laptops may handle the lite amount of work it can’t handle the heavy pace of work. If we’ll do a lot of heavy activities on it,” then it may heat or further damage our system.

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We all know very well that laptop costs a bit higher than a PC which is again a negative factor for laptops. If we set up a budget of Rs.40,000 to buy a system we can buy a laptop or Pc as well but again a negative factor arouses that is what configuration we buy in a laptop with budget Rs.40,000 we’ll always get a better specification in Pc as compared to Laptop. As parts of Pc comes cheaper than a laptop.



If we talk about performance then we can say that there is a huge difference between both that is if we work on the laptop for long hours and our activity is rough and heavy then our laptop may heat or create hanging issues. Whatever the specification laptop has but in comparison nothing can beat the Pc. The computer always performs much faster than a laptop.


 Though we all have noticed in our latest trend of gaming Era that all gamers basically use PC to play games. This is because they know that Pc is much better to play games because it doesn’t langs in between live streaming. For playing the game, you can assume in your mind that to gain full joy we need HD screen which becomes a big factor in gaming. HD screen gives us a lot of fun instead of the laptop screen.
Another point is people feel some comfort while playing through pc this is because due to better graphics and specifications installed. Any Hd screen can be fitted to play games. Also, we can connect our laptop with our Tv to stream in HD but the parts of the laptop are very sensitive.

Hd screen for gaming.

Screen Size

Personnel computer Can be used with an HD screen. We can have an amazing experience while using the HD screen. On laptops, the screen is inbuilt in it. In pc, we can do change either we can connect easily to any tv or any system. 


Here now I’ll give credits to a laptop because if you’re a frequent traveler then you must always buy a laptop because it’s lightweight and can be carried anywhere. It can be easily fitted in the bag.

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Editing Factor

Already we have noticed that the laptop is not a good source of editing as compared to a personal computer. A personal computer is more powerful than a Laptop. In PC we can use Heavy specifications with High graphics. If any kind of problem persists we can easily change or upgrade the System configuration. 
Whereas if we’ll perform these activities in our laptop then the life of laptop will reduce automatically. Still, if we are using adobe illustrator Then in that case we cannot use the laptop for editing Because it needs High graphic systems.

computer specifications k48rules.com

Specifications changing factor

We all know that parts of the laptop are very sensitive Whereas compared to a personal computer. Whenever we do some bulk activity on our laptop it Starts hanging. In that case, We start thinking to upgrade our system. 
In the comparison of the up-gradation of the System, We can notice that Parts of the laptop are very sensitive which may damage if we try to upgrade. And we also know that computer parts are easily friendly adjustable/Upgradable. So, In that case, will prefer to buy a computer for doing bulk activities.


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