What is the Full Form of Computer?

A Computer is a common operating machine particularly used for trade education Research. you can have a look at what is the full form...
computer Virus and best anltivirus to use learn about it

What is Computer Virus ? How to remove ? Which Antivirus is best ?

What is computer Virus ? You must have seen the computer, and also you've ever faced a prompt warning message that this software/file is corrupted....
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What is the Operating System?

An OS (OS) is AN interface between a person and hardware. AN operating system could be a software system that performs all the essential...
learn about Imei number on phone

What is IMEI number? What to do if device lost?

What is IMEI Number ? What to do if device lost ? IMEI full form is International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI number is about 15...
Worlds most expensive phone read more

World’s most expensive Phone?

If seen in ordinary life, nowadays everyone has a smartphone! Everyone likes to run a smartphone but many people have such hobbies that you...
worlds first camera

Worlds 1st Camera setup !

Let's learn about the Worlds 1st Camera setup I can understand what you are feeling after seeing this picture, you must be thinking that if...

Computer or Laptop ? Which one is best to buy ?

The biggest Myth nowadays,'' people think to buy a costly laptop will resolve all their problems. They can do anything they want to do...

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