computer screen

What is a Computer ? Specify all parts of Computer ?

A computer is a common operating machine particularly used for trade education and research. Do you know ? what is the full form of computer? C...
how to make a bootable pendrive ?

How to make your pen drive Bootable ? with free software.

How to make your pen drive Bootable ? At first, the floppy drive was also bootable. The changing DVD and CD have been bootable ever...

What is the Difference Between DVD and CD ?

DVD (digital video disk) DVD gives 4.7 GB of space. Large files are saved to DVD. We can install Windows in DVD. Movies and...
what is zip files . how to unzip learn on

What is Zip File ? How to unzip a file ?

What is ZIP file? After all, why do we use zip files? Do you know what's the benefits of a zip file? We will read...

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