दुनिया का सबसे पहला Camera Setup !

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Let’s learn about the Worlds 1st Camera setup

I can understand what you are feeling after seeing this picture, you must be thinking that if this is the first camera, then who would have taken a photo of it?

So let me tell you that 2 cameras have been used here.

You are looking at this camera, it’s the world’s largest camera, made by George R. Lawrence, this camera was brought here to take the world’s largest photograph of the largest railway, the Elton Railway. The photo size was 8X4.5 feet! It is said that the weight of this camera was 900 pounds i.e. 408 kg.

The world’s first “camera“, as we utilize the word, was not a “camera”.

Camera” actually signifies “room” in Italian and alludes to the “camera obscura“, a room without an inward light source, with a pinhole in one divider which permitted a picture of something firmly enlightened outside the “camera obscura” to be seen on the inverse interior divider from the pinhole, topsy turvy and switched, by somebody inside the “camera obscura”.

Coherently consequently, if there were two such rooms, and the outside of one was adequately lit up to have its outer picture anticipated onto the inside mass of the other, at that point that would be the primary such occasion.


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