Become a YouTuber & Earn 50k Per Month (100% Results)

become a youtuber and earn up to 1,00,000 per month 2020 trick

Every one of you are using Youtube nowadays and you also wish that you become a Youtuber after seeing earnings made by a Youtuber… even it’s a very famous platform where everyone can share their own self made useful content in a video format. Read full article till the end if you wish to become a Youtuber. So, do you have an account on Youtube? Obviously, everyone must be having an account, if you watch Youtube videos regularly. If you don’t have a Youtube account you can simply register on with the reference of your registered Google/Gmail account.

Ok, We usually watch videos on Youtube… but do you know we can earn a good income from Youtube?

Now, from your side, a question will arise that is, “how to earn from Youtube”? “What is the sources of income from Youtube”?

  • Let’s Explore some tricks to make money from Youtube…

1. Affiliate Marketing

We can promote someone‚Äôs products on Youtube, by reviewing their product through which marketer gets Commission on each sale. Commission percentage depends on the Terms and policies made by the product owner which he quote before doing marketing. Though,”this whole process is considered as Affiliate Marketing”.

All you need to do in affiliate marketing is register an account on Youtube and start reviewing your product reviews in a positive way.

Where to get affiliate products ?

There are several websites which have Affiliate products which you can sell through. For an example : Clickjunction

Ask product manager to allow you sell the product and give you the sale link. This link is the main sale page link where your sale gets converted and you get commission on it. You can select any niche which you want to sell like : e-books, supplements, Softwares etc.

These are some tips from which you can earn from affiliate marketing. If you want to ask anything you can comment i’ll answer.

2. Sponsorship

Youtube is the best platform where we can market our any product easily. If our Youtube channel has good amount of subscriber then we can easily promote any product and get good results from it.
Same a way if a brand owner requests you to market/promote his product on your channel then this process is known as sponsorship.
But for taking sponsorship we need to have Good amount of subscribers on our channel.

Most of the popular products which are being promoted on youtube are Android Apps, Online courses, Reviewing a shop with discount/sale. By doing sponsorship we can get up to 50k to 10 lacks per review which is based on subscriber count of our channel.

3. Adsense

Adsense is a good source of earning from Youtube. Adsense account is made by Google. You can simply do monetize your channel by gaining 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in 1 year. When we get authorized partner of youtube and our channel gets monetized then ads are displayed on our Youtube channel. We can earn as a publisher on Youtube. On an initial level you can earn in a limit and if your content is meaning full and satisfying your viewers then there’s no limit of earning from youtube. This is how you can earn from youtube.

Now the Biggest challenge comes,” how to rank your Youtube Videos ?

This is the biggest challenge now a days for initial Youtubers. Some Youtubers fail and get demotivated after making 10-20 videos. Youtube has kept a challenge of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers to start monetization which is very hard for initial beginners.

But you just don’t have to worry about it i’ll tell you the most useful and followed tricks by professionals… that what they do to rank their Videos !

Run Google Video Ads

On an initial startup it’s very much necessary to rank faster using video ads… For that you’ve to spent some amount of Money. Very shortly i’ll upload video here for your reference.


There’re a lot of groups of Youtube subscribers which usually make your watch hours increase and you also can get reciprocals subscription by each other. It’s an easy way to gain subscribers by requesting each other.


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