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K48rules shares all knowledge in Hindi about Making Money Online, Technology, Fitness, Travel across Especially in India, Tips & Tricks of amazing facts, entrepreneur skills enhancements, and all latest released gadgets…


Shiv Kant Pandey is the Founder of K48rules Blog which was founded in the year 2002. A total Computer Geek who spends more than half of his time on computers and also has a passion for computer games. He’s certified by Google India Convocation as a professional Digital Marketer. He also has expertise in Cyber Security, Ethical hacking, PHP development, app development, web development, Software development. He’s also a mechanical engineer and experienced 3 years in the automation field and 2 years in the Electrical engineering field. He has also worked with the Indian Army in the department of Research and development. In the past 3 years, he also has been working with Mnc’s as a researcher and a developer of Automotive parts. He has also gained 05 patents in research & development in the automation field which is approved by the Government of India. You can find him on LinkedIn with the name of SHIV KANT PANDEY.

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