5 Best Online Jobs from Home (Earn 80,000 Per Month)

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Online jobs is Now becoming common these Days. Every day more than 11 crores people think to find a perfect job which may satisfy their income level expenses and need. To Grab Online opportunity you must have some skills in a field. To earn money online it Doesn’t matters whether you’ve graduated or you’ve 10th passed but you must be having some skills related to your field in which you are superior and can perform your task confidently. So today we are here to Discuss 5 Genuine, tested, authentic Online Jobs which you can do at your home with your laptop and an internet connection. 

Let’s look…

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best way and a hidden technique to earn money online. Now a question will arise… What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Let me tell you that if you promote someone’s products on the website, or selling it by reviewing the product on Social Media platforms through which marketer gets Commission on each sale. Commission percentage depends on the Terms and policies of the product owner which he quote before promoting. Though this is known as Affiliate Marketing. 

Doing the Affiliation of products is a very easy process from which you can easily make money online. You can make a youtube video and do show the product review which can be promoted automatically. 

Also, if you’ve your own product and you can sell that on your own then it becomes the moreover beneficial way to make money. By selling your own product you can save the percentage on the product which you’re giving before to someone else. 

A Simple Guide on how you can promote online Affiliate Products:

  • Choose/Make your product.
  • If you want to promote your product on a website create a proper sale page and add anchor texts which are linked with the landing page of the affiliates sales page.
  • Mention all features & specifications or specialties about the product on your sales page. NOTE: Make your sales page decent which shouldn’t look like spammy. 
  • If you want to promote a product on Youtube make sure your thumbnail should be catchy and the content should be clean. NOTE: Avoid using words in the video like, “Buy Now” Or “please buy this product” or urging your viewers to buy products. This may put negative impact on buyers.
  • You can do email funnel marketing by showing some offer and by grabbing each customer through their E-mail id. Once the user Comes to your website and subscribes to your offer you get his mail id. And now you can track him easily. 
  • The most Profitable way to do Affiliate marketing these days is running Facebook ads which may give you a lot of sales. If you’ve knowledge about running Facebook ads then I’ll refer you to go with this technique.
  • You can run Google Ads. It also may give you good results.
  • You can run Bing ads. It also may give you good results. Over 1 billion people love to use the Bing Search engine. 
  • You can review your products to random people on Facebook by taking their E-mail Id which also works if you make a proper funnel and do regular follow up with your customer you can generate good sales with this procedure.

How to find affiliate products ?

So i will suggest you that there are a lot of websites which have affiliation products.
For example :- Muncheye.com – This website shows the latest product launch. It gives you the update that which product is going to release on which day and also let’s you know about the popularity of that product so that you can easily sell that product.

2. Online Teaching

We already have heard that an Online Teaching job is considered a very popular job nowadays. In my opinion, I’ll say it’s a comforting job where you can schedule yourself when to teach.

In the Online teaching profession, there’s no limit to earning money. You can take sessions of more than 150 students in a batch which is far better than offline teaching. For this, you’ve to be a master in a subject.

There are a lot of agencies who usually search for tutors to teach their students. Nowadays students usually prefer to learn online rather than wasting their time in up and down going here and there…

Another way to Teach online is YouTube. All of you’ve seen that teaching on YouTube is Popular these days Because students prefer video sessions rather than theory. They can clear the concept while watching videos on YouTube. So teaching on YouTube is also a beneficial job which may give more than a Lack rupees Monthly.

Now the best question will arise by you is, “Where I can Teach Online”? 

Then my dear Friends it all depends on your field or subject what you want to teach. There are plenty of Online teaching jobs that are available these days.

All you need to do is search on Google for your profession related job and talk with HR Recruiter. Send him/her your Experience about your expertise.

3. Become a Blogger

Blogger is a very rare and very popular job these days. Doing Blogging is a very good source of passive income from which you can earn more than 50 thousand… But it takes a bit of time and hard work.

NOTE:- It’s easy,” but not too easy “.

You’ve to give your time to it. You won’t earn in the initial stage. But a time will come when you’ll earn more than your mates.

Blogging doesn’t demand a graduation degree neither it demands a highly experienced person. Even a 10th pass can do blogging.

An average blogger earns 45,000 INR in India. And an Initial blogger can start with 3,000 INR.


  • Select your Niche/Topic.
  • Install a theme having Pre-made templates.
  • Start Writing unique articles.
  • Monetize Your Website with ads service.
  • Get your posts indexed in Google Search Console.
  • Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Make your Post-Viral. Share it on Social Media to drive traffic.

4.Online Freelancing

Freelancing Jobs is also a good profession for those who have skills related to computer tasks. For freelancing only you need a good laptop with a good internet connection.

In Freelancing generally, we get some small tasks from recruiters. We show them our services and expertise and on that base they hire people.

In a freelancing job, your payment is always secure. Your deserving amount is deposited on the website which you’ve to take after work finishes.

Online Freelancing consists of small tasks like PDF file conversion, word to PDF, web designing, Article writing, and many more activities.

There are some steps you can work as a Free Lancer:

  • Register your Account on Freelancer.com or Feverr.com
  • Select your field where you want to work.
  • Share your quotations to recruiters mentioning your experience and field expertise.
  • Chat With Recruiter.
  • Get yourself enrolled for the work.

5. Data Entry

Data Entry is a common job which most of the people does. In this job recruiter gives  some target and per day goal based work.

In this You get paid on weekly basis or it depends on Recruiter terms and policies.

How to find Data Entry Jobs ?

There are a lot of platforms where you can get Data entry jobs of various types. For example you can find jobs on freelancer.

All you need to do is you need to make a Proper profile with proper mentioning your skills and your previous experience like about speed of your Typing.

I hope This article will help you to find suitable profession/jobs according your knowledge. For more details you can comment below for more related topics you want me to discuss here. 


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